Live Tweeting During an Event

I attended an Ohio State PRSSA meeting with guest speaker Mindi Wells. The room was full of college students looking for jobs and internships heading into the recruiting season. Wells spoke about different elements of the process and gave tips on how to interview.

During the meeting Ohio State PRSSA was monitoring a hash tag on Twitter and encouraged students to tweet at the hash tag with questions for Wells or comments about her content.

I took this opportunity to participate in a live-tweeting event. I set up my computer, logged into TweetChat and began following the conversation.

7 Tips to Live Tweet an Event Effectively

Initially I thought it was rude to be typing away on my computer instead of engaging with the presenter.  However, I realized some of the benefits of tweeting live as I interacted with those around me and engaged with the presenter by tweeting questions at her.


  • Engagement. Yes, the speaker was there to give us information directly. However, especially in my generation, we could not wait till the end of the presentation to begin immediately processing and discussing the information Wells had given us. Through the hashtag people were able to immediately have a conversation about the material and hear different responses from others.
  • Communicating with the speaker. Through the hash tag people were able to ask a question to Mindi Wells directly or ask a question to the people in the room. Being able to tweet those questions at the speaker gave Wells immediate feedback from the audience and allowed her to clarify information in the moment rather than going back to it during a Q and A session at the end.
  • Awareness. The event may gain outside attention because the hash tag being used starts trending and people weigh in and add to the conversation even though they are not in the room. During the event people who were not in attendance were asking questions and getting answers through the hashtag. It was amazing to me to see the interaction between people at the event and those who were not.


  • Distracting. I was tweeting from my computer during the event and was distracted by unrelated tweets, email, and the news. I missed part of the event because I was distracted by these things.
  • Rude. I think it would be insulting to some speakers to see their audience engaged in their devices rather than paying attention to the presentation. Though, some speakers are aware their audience is being active on social media and encourage it, other speakers may find it insulting and discouraging.

All in all I think tweeting during an event depends on the venue. Tweeting a concert is one thing; tweeting a meeting at work is another. You have to make your own call.

Where do you think it is ok to live tweet or not to live tweet?


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